How does your product liability insurance like Insect protein ground beef

Insect protein ground beef? How does your product liability insurance like it?

Novel foods

Köttbullar, the delicious Scandinavian meatball, is well known in Germany thanks to IKEA.

New is a startup from Denmark that recently applied for a patent to produce meat products like meatballs, patties and ground beef from insect protein.

However, the meatballs in the pan are not made from minced beef, but from pea flour and ground larvae of the “glossy black grain mold beetle”. The products contain around 40% insect protein and further product development is in full swing.

Insects as an ingredient in food production are currently the subject of controversy. Some take a critical view of such developments, for others products made from insect meat will be a matter of course in the near future in order to enrich the range on supermarket refrigerated shelves.

This development is made possible by the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/5. Since January 24, 2023, the placing on the market of degreased powder from domestic crickets has been permitted. The way for the processing of insects to produce „novel foods“ is therefore basically free.Partially defatted powder of „Acheta domesticus“ (domestic cricket) has also been included in the Union list of novel foods (Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2470).

New types of product liability insurance for new types of food

The production and marketing of food involves major risks. Product liability insurance plays an important role in covering risks.Food is usually produced in large quantities and consumed by humans. There is a risk of serious personal injury. It’s nice when an insurance company takes on the risk.But what do insurance companies like about insects? How does product liability and producer liability change in the manufacture of such products if insects are used as an ingredient?The use of insects is allowed in practically all foods. Insects must be specified in the list of ingredients, but special labeling is not currently required.With regards to the liability for defective products and producers liability, it should be remembered that there are already people who are known to be allergic to house dust mites or other insects.It should also be clear that the technology used to produce the insects and the supply chain must be traceable and of high quality. Insects can be infested with parasites and should therefore not be collected from nature, but bred in a certified laboratory.You also must keep in mind that the increasing processing of insect proteins could result in new allergies or change existing problems.

Innovative underwriting for innovative product liability insurances

The ever-increasing demands of the legislator for liability and responsibility as well as more and more regulations dominate day-to-day business in all industries. As risks increase, so does the need for coverage.How do you find your new product liability insurance for your new food these days?Should you check with an insurance company yourself or somewhere online to get a quote? How do you assess whether the contents of the insurance and the conditions cover your personal needs and the individual risk in an advantageous manner? In essence, the central question is: Does pure “pricing” still work today or is “underwriting” always required? – What is the smarter way to get product liability insurance? Insurance are complex legal products with many interactions. When choosing and advising on medicines, it is also better to trust the doctor or pharmacist.Applied to the insurance world, this means that taking out insurance based on the price or on your own does not work. An online calculator or direct inquiries to an insurance company are not effective for the layperson. A comparison of insurance based on the contribution is practically impossible and proves to be dangerous in real life! Rather, the clever and sensible way is through professional underwriting. Trained specialists only record, analyze and evaluate the operation and its risks during underwriting. This clarifies which insurance contents and conditions are necessary to cover the recognizable and less recognizable risks.The underwriting also recognizes whether special terms and conditions can be agreed to optimize the benefits on the customer side.This ensures more security and cheap contributions! Be honest – nobody wants to pay too much unnecessarily, and nobody wants to be left out in the rain in the event of a claim.If you need suitable, cheap and advantageous insurance cover to secure your existence, you are in good hands with a specialized insurance broker.I look forward to your call on +49 4103-1899765.

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DE-22880 Wedel, February 16, 2023, Christian Fuchs (MBA) is a state-certified liability underwriter (German Insurance Academy). He is called „insurance fox“ for product liability insurances

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